The Mostly Serious History of Wine Trailer


Production Stills

Katie Rice

A font of knowledge, Katie Rice was kind enough to lend us her time despite surviving a vicious 4-wasp attack that very morning. She is the GM of VinoTeca, Atlanta's best wine store.

Janeen Jason

Screenshot from celebrated sommelier Janeen's interview with bonus glimpse of very good boy Sebastian basking in the sun in the background.

Janeen during her interview

Interviewing people isn't easy but something's probably going right if they're smiling.

Caleb Courson

Caleb Courson's director of photography knowledge is key to our success as a film.Check out his work.

Filmmaker's Making-Of Videos

1. Why wine and why me?

Why should this film be made and why am I the guy to make it?

2. First Shoot day

A great first day of shooting and a bungled the second one.

3. Making a DIY Title Sequence

Rented gear. Garage studio. Great success?

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